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Superhero Bobbleheads

Superhero Bobbleheads


Celebrate that hero in your life with our custom Superhero Bobbleheads! Everyone has someone in their life that’s gone above and beyond for them, time and time again they’ve proven that they would be there for us no matter what. So, why not show them some appreciation?

Here at Soko’s Bobbleheads, we’ve introduced a new line of custom designs, based on the media sensation of comic book superheroes! Each one of them is completely personalized, you can choose every feature of it from head, face, hair, skin, heads, shoulders, knees and toes! And each one comes with their own cute little costume too! You can make your best friend, partner, or parent into their own special superhero. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be?

It means alot to someone to know that you think of them as so special, special enough to not just go and get some random store-bought gift card, or socks. Anyone can get and give socks. But here, you sat down and carefully picked out every single little detail for your hero. Now that means a lot.

Start customizing your Superhero Bobblehead now! It doesn’t take much to get started: just a high-quality picture of your hero we can base it on, and then select specific details like the skin, eye, and hair color. And it’s okay if your hero is bald! We have the bald option too. 

Once you’re done customizing, just leave the rest to us! Our master sculptors will handcraft your bobblehead and make sure that it looks just like your hero, quality is their highest priority! 

We’ll keep you updated through the whole crafting process, and we always ask for your stamp-of-approval on each stage of production. We want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied whenever you receive your gift, otherwise we’re not satisfied until you are.