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Kids Bobbleheads

Kids love surprises. They love to be treated special. Suppose you want to give something unique to your kid on a special occasion or to turn an ordinary day into a memorable one for them. In that case, a bobblehead is the most extraordinary present one can give their child. Custom bobble heads are an excellent choice for kids. You can customize each and every detail and make it unique. They are something that your child will be happy to receive. But how do you choose and design the best custom bobble head? This article will help you customize the perfect one by giving you an overview of what options are available, as well as what to keep in mind when you are choosing the best bobblehead store.

Personalized Bobble Heads - Make Your Child's Doll Dream Come True!

A custom gift Bobble head is something that not only looks like your child, but it also shows how much you love your kid. Bobble heads are your children's friends; they remind them of how special they are to you. Fulfilling a child's doll dream is the best way to surprise them on their birthday. Finding the best gift is one of the most challenging tasks for parents because they want to give something unique to their children. Personal bobblehead dolls are the perfect choice to surprise your kid. You can make a customized bobblehead for your child online at Soko's bobbleheads. 

Create Unique Personalized Gifts With Custom Bobbleheads

 Personalized gifts always attract kids' attention. Children love bobblehead dolls that look like them. We have made it incredibly easy to create a custom gift for your child. You can choose to do complete customization where our sculptors will start from scratch using a high-quality picture that you provide, or you can choose from our designs, and we only have to customize the head. Here is a list of some awesome bobbleheads that are available at Soko bobbleheads. 

  1. Custom Little Boy Bobblehead Riding A Toy Car 


You can design your kid's bobble head based on this little boy riding a toy car. Or you can choose to fully customize your bobblehead. It's all up to you.
  1. Custom Little Boy Bobblehead Wearing Riding A Horse 
  2. Custom Bobblehead For Baby Girls
  3. Custom Little Boy Bobblehead Wearing Basketball Uniform 
  4. Christmas Little Boy Bobblehead With Snowman 
  5. Custom Christmas Little Girl Bobblehead With Teddy Bear 

The 4 Factors To Consider When Designing A Customized Bobble Head

It is essential to consider these five factors before designing a customized bobble head for your kid. 

  1. The Head Of The Bobblehead: Determine how you want the head of the bobblehead to look, whether you want it to look like your kid or you want it to be like a character from your child's favorite show? 
  2. The material of the Bobblehead: You want to choose only the best material if you want your bobblehead to last for a long time. We use only the high-quality materials at Soko's Bobbleheads!
  3. The size of the Bobblehead: The size you want for your bobble head. Consider how big or small you want the bobble head to be. At Sokos Bobbleheads we have three sizes available for you to choose from. You can choose your bobblehead to be 15cm, 18cm, or 20cm.
  4. Your Budget: The most important factor to consider is the estimated budget you are willing to spend on a customized bobblehead. You don't want to spend too much on your custom gift bobbleheads. However, you don't have to worry about finding the best bobblehead store with cheap bobble heads because we have some of the most competitive prices online. At the same time, our custom gifts are of high quality.

What Else Do You Look For Besides Price?

Price matters a lot, but there is one other thing that matters more: quality. When choosing a customized bobblehead for your kid, you want to have the assurance that the quality of the final product is high, as you don't want your child's head to fall off! Additionally, you'll want to consider the turnaround time - you don't want to be waiting months for your custom head. Our bobbleheads will be delivered in 10-14 business days. 

  1. You want to make sure the company you're working with has a good reputation. Our master sculptors have handcrafted thousands and thousands of bobble heads, which has earned us plenty of repeat customers. In addition, we get plenty of business from customers who refer their friends and family. In fact, we have a referral program that you can check out HERE. Get rewarded for every friend you refer, and you will receive a $10 Gift Card when they make a purchase.

  1. You want to ensure that you will receive your bobblehead in good condition. No worries again here; once your custom gift is finished, we will carefully pack it and ship it using the safest and most convenient way.

  1. You want to ensure the customer service is responsive and helpful. Our customer service representatives will be there with you throughout the entire customization of your bobblehead. Our customization process is divided into three stages. We require your approval before moving on to the next stage because we want your complete satisfaction. Any questions you have, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 

  1. Look for a reputable company that has experience making custom bobble heads. Our master sculptors never disappoint. They have vast experience in handcrafting bobbleheads. They have perfected this art so thoroughly that it is now second nature to them. They take pride in their work and strive for excellence every time.

  1. Choose a company that offers a variety of customization options. Look no further than Soko's Bobbleheads. You will find the perfect custom gift bobble heads for kids. As we mentioned earlier, you can choose full customization or partly customizing your bobblehead.

  1. Be sure to review the company's policies on returns and refunds. Well, with Sokos Bobbleheads, there's no need to worry. We stand by our products and promise 100% satisfaction. If your bobble head is damaged in transit, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and let us know. We will gladly replace it for you.

If you are still confused about where to find the best-customized bobblehead for your kid, which is of premium quality, don't worry! Soko Bobbleheads has the best bobbleheads collection available for kids. Get some more information at