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Female Bobbleheads


A Quick History of Bobblehead Figurines


Bobbleheads have been around for the longest time, and their popularity is increasing day by day. Their origin dates back to the 1760s or earlier, and they are believed to be originally from China. Bobble heads are figures with relatively large heads connected to a small body. The heads move around and bobble whenever touched or moved. The fun thing about them is that they can be customized according to your liking.

Custom Bobble heads are the Perfect Way to Show Your best girlfriend's appreciation.

Our girlfriends need as much appreciation as any other therapist. They have always been there, from wiping our tears in tough times to some of the best moments of our lives. Show your girl besties how much you actually adore them by giving them a personalized bobble head birthday gift. You can customize the bobbleheads exactly how you want them to be, from eye color to skin color. Everything can be personalized according to your choice, and you can surprise your girlfriends or even your girlfriend this Christmas. We are sure the beautiful women in your life will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this unique gift.

Personalized Gifts That Show You Care

Women do prefer to receive personalized items as gifts for their birthdays, or special holidays like Christmas, Valentine's day, or mother's day. Most of the time, their significant others don't know what to give the precious women in their lives, and they get the most mainstream gifts (chocolates, flowers, etc.) for them. On the other hand, bobbleheads can be collected and are a fun and unique gift idea, and women really appreciate getting gifts that show how much effort someone has put into it.

Your Own Personalized figurine: Customized Bobbleheads


Who doesn't love a personalized bobblehead for themselves? Now you can make your customized bobble head and decorate your room with little figures of yourself! Yes, now you can have a bobblehead that looks like you. 

Here at Soko bobbleheads you can customize your bobble head and make a mini-you. They are a perfect way to personalize your workspace. 

The Best Customized female Bobble head

There is always something special about custom gift bobble heads. People love receiving them as they show how much thought was put into putting this present together. You can give your female friends/ girlfriend a customized bobblehead that looks exactly like them. It can make a fun gift for special events. Custom gift bobbleheads are also ideal as a wedding or graduation gift. These will remain close to their hearts and will have great sentimental value to them. At Soko bobbleheads, we have various options available in our female bobble head category. You can choose a bobblehead of any occupation or event-related. You can even create a completely customized bobblehead by yourself if you are unable to find the perfect one on the website.

Affordable custom bobblehead

If you are looking for something affordable that will not rip off your budget, bobbleheads are the thing for you! They are incredibly affordable and have various options from which you can choose. From athletic figures to bridesmaids, you can customize and choose from a variety of bobble heads. Soko bobbleheads have bobbleheads for every occasion, be it a wedding, a prom, or a graduation ceremony. Soko bobbleheads have got you covered.


There are many gift options in the market to choose from, but people love receiving new, unique, and personalized gifts. Bobbleheads are a cute and fantastic way to show your loved ones how much you adore them; everyone loves receiving gifts that show consideration. Bobble heads are here to the rescue, just go on the website, choose your favorite type, and select options to customize the bobble head. Or you can create a new one by yourself!

Top 3 Ideas for customization of bobble head


When customizing your bobble head keep these things in your mind. Always make sure to choose the correct eye and hair color, as these little things can make a big difference in the bobble head's appearance. Choose the best clothing according to your preference. Lastly, upload a high-quality picture of yourself on the website that highlights your features as it would affect the final appearance of your bobblehead.

Are bobbleheads a worthy gift option?

Who doesn't love receiving a customized gift? Bobble heads can be of great value if you are gifting them to the ones you adore. They come in several size options and can be used as decorative items. You can have one bobblehead in your bedroom, one in your office, and another in your living room. They add a personal touch to any room and can be quite the conversation starter. 

Reasons why you should get a customized bobble head doll


Bobble heads make a great gift to remember memorable events such as prom, weddings, graduation, or any other special occasion. They are 100% customizable and can be custom-made according to your requirements. They save you the trouble of spending hours in stores looking for the perfect gift. You can conveniently order them online today, and after confirming the design, the bobblehead will be delivered to your doorstep in about 10-14 business days. Every personalized bobblehead doll carries a sentimental value to the receiver. Your recipient will keep their bobble head doll close to their hearts.

Where Can I Get One?


There are numerous websites and brands which offer customized bobbleheads. But they are either too expensive or are of substandard quality. If you are looking for a personalized bobble head, Soko Bobbleheads has the best bobble heads collection available for you to make a section. We have a fantastic collection of fun-looking bobbleheads available right here on our website. 

You can even select if you want your bobblehead to have a stationary or bobble head. Each and every tiny detail can be personalized at a highly affordable price, and at the same time, we guarantee a high-quality product. 

Make Your Own Bobble Head 


Just check out our collection, and choose your favorite type of bobble head. Then, select from all the customization options and upload a high-quality picture of yourself or an image of someone that you would like a bobblehead made in their likeness. You can order more than one bobble head. Nothing can stop you. Please select the number of bobble heads you wish to order, and add them to the cart. The bobble heads will be delivered to your doorstep in about 10-14 business days. This is how easy it is to get your very own bobblehead!