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Custom Couple Bobbleheads

Custom Couple Bobbleheads


What are bobblehead dolls? 

Bobbleheads are dolls with relatively large heads compared to the body. The head bobbles when moved or played with, while some dolls have stationary heads. It all depends on the preference of the buyer, as these dolls are usually customized on demand. For example, there are bobblehead dolls of famous sportsmen that are auctioned for money. You can buy ready-made bobblehead dolls or personalize one for yourself or your loved ones. These dolls are sculpted to look like a mini version of yourself. They are realistic-looking dolls and can be gifted as well as used for decor.

Best couple bobblehead dolls available 

This valentine's day, surprise your partner with customized couples bobbleheads. Sokos bobbleheads have some of the best couples bobble heads on the market. These bobbleheads look super adorable and will surely warm your lover's heart. You Can customize the bobbleheads to look like you and your lover and even add your favorite accessories. There are many mainstream gift options available for couples, but a lot of them are dull and boring. If you want to exceed your partner's expectations this time, get them a customized bobble head from Soko. They are super affordable and are extremely high quality.

Personalized bobblehead for couples all around.

Sometimes you don't have to wait for a special occasion to order couples' bobbleheads. Show your lover how much you adore them any time of the year. If you are searching for something unique for your partner, at Soko, we have the best collection of couple bobbleheads. Maybe you are looking for a unique wedding gift idea. These bobble heads can also be gifted as a wedding or an anniversary gift. 

Customization Process

The dolls are handcrafted by our master sculptors, who intricately sculpt every doll. Every small detail is captured, and every doll becomes a masterpiece. However, you must remember that they are dolls and will not certainly resemble you 100%. Personalize your couples bobble head dolls now from 

You will also be asked to upload a picture of the couple you want the bobble head to resemble in order to make the doll as close to reality as possible. Ordering these dolls is very easy as well; you can order them from the convenience of your couch. Just choose all the appropriate options, and you are good to go.

Couple bobble heads are making rounds on the internet, and couples are surprising each other with these fun dolls.

Where to find the perfect bobblehead?

Many online stores offer bobbleheads of different kinds, but we suggest you look nowhere other than Soko. We have some fabulous designs available in our vast collection, and the prices are also highly affordable. We have made customization of these bobble head dolls extremely easy as well. All you have to do is select the best options that match your character requirements. The delivery process is also very safe and convenient.

Perks of having a personalized bobblehead

A personalized bobblehead is the best thing one can own or give to their partner. If you customize a bobble head, it means that you are attaching memories with it. A moment of joy and happiness that a person feels every time they look at that bobblehead. Personalizing a bobblehead can also be extremely fun because you can easily customize each and every detail of that doll according to your preference. Don't wait! Visit Soko today and start customizing your bobble head doll. 

Creating a bobblehead: Our best pieces of advice

So here is some best advice to help you that you can have the best experience in customizing a personal doll. 

  1. Order from a trusted supplier: Creating a personalized bobblehead is not an easy job to do. And not every online shop has a team of professional sculptors, so keep that in mind to always order from a trusted supplier like Soko, which makes the best-customized bobble heads on the market. 
  2. Choose the best high-quality picture: In the customization of a bobblehead, the most important step is uploading a picture of a person that you want the bobblehead to look like. Select the right picture which is clear and of high resolution.

Customized Bobble heads: Online purchase convenience 

Online platforms are always preferable if you want to customize your bobble head. However, not every online platform is suitable for the customization of the bobble head. Soko is one of the best online shops that create the finest quality customized bobbleheads in the world of bobbleheads. From face to body, each and every part and feature of the bobble head is carefully crafted to give the best bobble head. Furthermore, Soko ensures that your doll arrives at your given address safely. It usually takes 21 to 28 working days to get your customized doll.